Summer Days

I don’t care what the school calendar says, it’s still summer! 

(August 5th?! So wrong.)

So we did exactly what kids should be doing in August! 

Swimming in Grandma’s pool. And eating popsicles. 






Lots of popsicles!






And one brain freeze!




And a little meditating by the pool for Nikki to deal with all of these BOYS…



A great day!

Despite the hideous ‘5-year-old-throwing-a-2-year-old-sized-tantrum’ end to the day…

Maybe school starting already isn’t a bad thing!! 




9 1/2 weeks

This boy… Baby Jack. Mr. Jackson. Jack Jack. Sunshine.

It’s been 9 1/2 weeks and I’m still waiting for him to turn on me. I mean, really. It can not be this easy to add a 5th child to a family!

He’s a perfect baby. Sleeps when he’s supposed to sleep (and more than I deserve), eats when he’s supposed to eat, smiles, coos, almost laughs, loves to watch his brothers, adores his sister, loves his daddy. We are blessed.

Thanks for being exactly what we needed Baby Jack!

Blogging, Take 2

Well hello there!

Ok, so there’s probably not anyone actually there…

Posting once every few months will do that to a poor little blog. I think I lost all 2 of my readers.


Oh and look at that. My blog name is even out of date.


So for now we’re ‘Under Construction’. Until I think of something else.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start writing here again. Nothing fantastic (as usual). Just about life. We have some exciting things coming up and I want to have a record of them other than Facebook.

And oh yeah, this happened…

Why, yes! That sound you hear is my little heart breaking.

Kindergarten. Not included in the “exciting things” I mentioned before.

A few things…

-On the way to school this morning, I asked Noah if he wanted to go to the train park after school. He told me “Yes! But first school and then Train Park.” Just like that. Which looking at that sentence now, doesn’t seem like such a big deal…

-At the train park, there was another little boy with his dad. He was the same size as Noah so I assumed that he was 5 or 6. Noah was playing with the boy on the train & then went to sit next to the man…. talking to him & telling him about the train.

He asked how old Noah was. When I said 3, he told us that his son was the same age. Another big kid!

He said “I figured he was younger than he looked because he runs like a 3 year old & talks like a 3 year old.”

Then he said “You must get a lot of looks… people assuming he’s older than he is…”

“Yes we do! Especially because he has some issues/ADHD…”, I said.

(oh he has no idea the looks I get with Noah sometimes….)

“All 3 year old boys have ADHD. He’s fine.” He said.



That guy had no clue how important those words were. Here’s a stranger, interacting with my son…AND NOT NOTICING (or at least not reacting to) his differences. And he was a man! Men tend to be more judgmental than women as far as Noah goes.

Even if it isn’t exactly true…. for a stranger to tell me that he’s fine & not to worry. Seriously. That guy is lucky that I didn’t hug him right there.

-Then we went to Target. Where Noah threw a huge fit right as we walked in over gumballs. I wanted to run back to the park & find that man. But we got through it. And he was fine the rest of the time shopping. Even scored YET ANOTHER Thomas train from Grandma.

Stupid gumballs… killed my that.dude.called.noah.fine buzz.

Notes for a happy life…

At our wedding, we had guests write down words of advice on little note cards. The plan was to then put those into an album. 6 years later & it still hasn’t happened. While cleaning out my closet today, I came across the envelope of those notes.

Here are some highlights…

Always keep your sense of humor & be grateful for each day together. -Steve & Carol

Don’t ever quit on each other! -Shawn Keilty

Mutual respect! Angry words can be forgiven but they are not easily forgotten. Never get so comfortable with each other that you forget to say I love you. -Mom (Barb)

Continue as you have begun because you guys are awesome together! – Suzie

Love by 1 Corinthians 13. I didn’t get to read it but it holds the secret to life. -Anonymous

Never go to bed mad! -Anonymous (I’m guessing Brandi because the exclamation point is a heart.)

Pick your battles wisely. Don’t fight over dumb stuff like who took out the trash last. If he did the dishes, don’t complain about how he put them away – Just be glad he did the dishes! – Erin

Just remember to respect each other. Matt, #1 rule, LISTEN TO CINDY. – Anonymous

Cindy – I learned that Matt always eats the last cookies or desserts, so always keep some hidden. -Karen

Adam… again with the Poop?!

My boys have cute butts. They do. They take after Daddy. Yes, I just said that.

And although I love their little butts, seeing one on the baby monitor while they’re supposed to be napping does not make me smile.

pixelated poop for your protection

This is not a potty chair. Nope. It’s not. It’s their Ikea Egg chair.

I think we’ll stop saying “potty chair” and just go with “potty”. Because clearly there is some confusion.

And since Grandma thinks it’s funny… the rest of the story.

I thought I had it all cleaned up. Until Caden started screaming UH-OH! UH-OH! while pointing at something else. Apparently Adam stepped in the poop and then climbed up onto Noah’s bed… using the fan as a step stool.

The sh*t hit the fan.

Their room smells fantastic now.

Ahh… boys. Gotta love them.