Adam… again with the Poop?!

My boys have cute butts. They do. They take after Daddy. Yes, I just said that.

And although I love their little butts, seeing one on the baby monitor while they’re supposed to be napping does not make me smile.

pixelated poop for your protection

This is not a potty chair. Nope. It’s not. It’s their Ikea Egg chair.

I think we’ll stop saying “potty chair” and just go with “potty”. Because clearly there is some confusion.

And since Grandma thinks it’s funny… the rest of the story.

I thought I had it all cleaned up. Until Caden started screaming UH-OH! UH-OH! while pointing at something else. Apparently Adam stepped in the poop and then climbed up onto Noah’s bed… using the fan as a step stool.

The sh*t hit the fan.

Their room smells fantastic now.

Ahh… boys. Gotta love them.



Having a child with special needs is hard. And rewarding. Faith stretching and future blurring. Utterly challenging and relationship deepening. Scary and full of unknowns. Dream altering and hope holding. Always different yet full of new normals. Beautiful and amazing.