Merry Christmas

Mom, Audrey, the boys & I did some last minute shopping at the mall today. As expected, we ran into a few pissy, inpatient people. Noah being one of those.

(And to the guy in the black car who chose to wait for my spot… me with the 2 strollers & 3 babies… did you really think I could just throw them in the car & zoom out of there in 20 seconds?! I’m glad you had to circle 3 times before you finally came back to WAIT AGAIN for my spot. And yes, I might have taken my time & changed an extra diaper just to piss you off further.)

Where was I?

Waiting in line at Sees Candies to get Matt his beloved Bordeaux’s, I noticed the sign saying they were out of them. So we consoled ourselves with 3 chocolate lollipops. While waiting to pay for those, the lady in front of me turns around and asks me if that was all I was getting. I said yes. And she said “Go ahead honey, I’ll get those for you.”

How sweet was that? What a lovely way to start Christmas. It didn’t stop me from hating the dude in the black car, but it did make me appreciate more what this season is really all about.



Who are these bald & chubby children?!

as seen in this set on Flickr

I really don’t remember them looking like this.

One more reason why I will continue to take pictures every day. It’s bizarre to think they have changed so much in such a short period of time.