9 1/2 weeks

This boy… Baby Jack. Mr. Jackson. Jack Jack. Sunshine.

It’s been 9 1/2 weeks and I’m still waiting for him to turn on me. I mean, really. It can not be this easy to add a 5th child to a family!

He’s a perfect baby. Sleeps when he’s supposed to sleep (and more than I deserve), eats when he’s supposed to eat, smiles, coos, almost laughs, loves to watch his brothers, adores his sister, loves his daddy. We are blessed.

Thanks for being exactly what we needed Baby Jack!


Blogging, Take 2

Well hello there!

Ok, so there’s probably not anyone actually there…

Posting once every few months will do that to a poor little blog. I think I lost all 2 of my readers.


Oh and look at that. My blog name is even out of date.


So for now we’re ‘Under Construction’. Until I think of something else.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start writing here again. Nothing fantastic (as usual). Just about life. We have some exciting things coming up and I want to have a record of them other than Facebook.

And oh yeah, this happened…

Why, yes! That sound you hear is my little heart breaking.

Kindergarten. Not included in the “exciting things” I mentioned before.