Letter to My Youngest Son

My Dearest Caden,

Really? REALLY?!!!

You choose the day before Daddy leaves on a business trip to learn to crawl all the way out of your crib?

I know it’s cute that you’re gathering toys and passing them to Adam (who, by the way, is behaving himself and NOT crawling out). And I know it’s cute that you crawled into bed with Noah last night while he was sleeping.

And I know that you have a very controlled, slow climb that you’re doing. But I’m guessing that it’s just a matter of time before your slow climb becomes a free fall.

And so help me kid, if I have to deal with a middle of the night emergency room trip BY MYSELF… I will not be happy.

And don’t think I won’t call Daddy and tell him what you’re doing just because he’s all the way in Dallas.


Love Mama