What ‘To Do’ list?

We’d rather bake cookies…

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies… recipe here


Letter to My Youngest Son

My Dearest Caden,

Really? REALLY?!!!

You choose the day before Daddy leaves on a business trip to learn to crawl all the way out of your crib?

I know it’s cute that you’re gathering toys and passing them to Adam (who, by the way, is behaving himself and NOT crawling out). And I know it’s cute that you crawled into bed with Noah last night while he was sleeping.

And I know that you have a very controlled, slow climb that you’re doing. But I’m guessing that it’s just a matter of time before your slow climb becomes a free fall.

And so help me kid, if I have to deal with a middle of the night emergency room trip BY MYSELF… I will not be happy.

And don’t think I won’t call Daddy and tell him what you’re doing just because he’s all the way in Dallas.


Love Mama