Notes for a happy life…

At our wedding, we had guests write down words of advice on little note cards. The plan was to then put those into an album. 6 years later & it still hasn’t happened. While cleaning out my closet today, I came across the envelope of those notes.

Here are some highlights…

Always keep your sense of humor & be grateful for each day together. -Steve & Carol

Don’t ever quit on each other! -Shawn Keilty

Mutual respect! Angry words can be forgiven but they are not easily forgotten. Never get so comfortable with each other that you forget to say I love you. -Mom (Barb)

Continue as you have begun because you guys are awesome together! – Suzie

Love by 1 Corinthians 13. I didn’t get to read it but it holds the secret to life. -Anonymous

Never go to bed mad! -Anonymous (I’m guessing Brandi because the exclamation point is a heart.)

Pick your battles wisely. Don’t fight over dumb stuff like who took out the trash last. If he did the dishes, don’t complain about how he put them away – Just be glad he did the dishes! – Erin

Just remember to respect each other. Matt, #1 rule, LISTEN TO CINDY. – Anonymous

Cindy – I learned that Matt always eats the last cookies or desserts, so always keep some hidden. -Karen


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