Summer of 2009

I can’t believe it’s July.

Nothing exciting going on around here except for lots of swimming, backyard barbeques and if that’s not happening, lots of whining about “I’m bored!!!”

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Let’s recap the last month, shall we?

This kid…

is suddenly 14 years old, beautiful inside and out, graduated from 8th grade, playing water polo and about to start high school! Huh? What just happened?

And this kid…

finished his first year of preschool, is still always on the go and usually stubborn as a mule (No, I do not know where he gets that… cough cough). But has decided that maybe talking isn’t so bad and hey maybe listening once in awhile isn’t going to kill him either.

And this boy has decided that he’d rather be anywhere other than stuck at home. Hence the scream of “Go bye bye?!” that greets me any time I go anywhere near the door to the garage. We also have lots of testing going on. 3 time-outs in 10 minutes this morning. Really Adam, I am not kidding with the “no hitting your brother” policy! But he’s still not crawling out of his crib so I forgive him.

This boy, this silly clown. Caden has decided that running is for dorks… all the cool kids are skipping everywhere. He’s also decided that he can do everything himself. Every gesture of help is now met with a resounding “NO!” Fun stuff when it takes us 10 minutes to get down the stairs. The fact that he has to stop and have a conversation about every step doesn’t help speed things up. But I guess the snuggles that he’s so into right now make up for all of this.

And this man is gone far too often and missed way too much. He’s also providing a fantastic life for his family and for that we are forever grateful and he is loved more than ever.

Me? I’m tired from trying to keep up with all of them. But oh so happy.

How’s your summer?


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