Our Easy Kid

We received Audrey’s report card last week for her 2nd trimester of 8th grade:

Algebra I – B
English 8 – A
Phys Ed 8 – A-
Science 8 – B
Soc Studies – A-
Teacher’s Aide – A+

WooHoo! She’s so awesome.

We are so incredibly thankful for this child. Besides a few bouts of normal teenage attitude-i-ness & a possible case of cell phone addiction, she is the perfect daughter, sister, niece, cousin & grandchild.

(ok, so it’s an old picture but have you ever tried to get a 14 year old to smile for the camera?! Unless she has an hour for hair & make-up, it doesn’t happen.)


One thought on “Our Easy Kid

  1. Yeah Audrey and yeah Mom! Parents should get credit for kids’ good grades.Though we shouldn’t have to take the blame for any bad ones 😉

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