Fish… maybe not so yucky?

We started Noah back on Fish Oil this week.

He’s added at least 5 new words, started finishing words instead of only pronouncing the first syllable & said his first full understandable sentence. He’s also starting to repeat words that we say. Something that is key to language development & something he has never done.

That stuff is gold.

We first tried it right after he turned 2 & also noticed an immediate jump in his vocabulary. But we got lazy with it as he kept improving. He was off it for about 3 months. And he stalled again in his language. That’s proof enough for me.

I still can’t bring myself to actually cook fish, but I have a new respect for it.


One thought on “Fish… maybe not so yucky?

  1. Cindy,I am not a great "blogger" okay I am not one at all so I can't even figure out how to respond to your very kind note on our blog. I am sure we met at Melodie & Greg's wedding, both my sister and I were there, I was actually one of Melodie's bridesmaids. It is so fun to look at your blog and see 1 year old twins, just can't even imagine that right now! Thanks again for the encouraging note. I will check in on your blog for tips! Blessings, HW

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