School was much better today.

We were early so Noah ran around on the playground for awhile. There was a little boy out there with his mom and therapist. Noah wouldn’t leave them alone. He was pulling the mom around showing her the airplanes, taking a rubber duck to the boy, showing him how to slide down the slide, making the duck slide down.

During class, he was able to sit still longer in circle time & wasn’t such a wild man. During speech & work (cognitive), he did things that his report said he couldn’t do yet. I swear it’s like he knows when I’m feeling beat up & he’s throwing me a bone.

He had fun in the gym, as usual. Although he almost broke Kimmie’s nose, but it wasn’t his fault. He jumped up at the same time she bent down. Poor little thing. No match for his huge head.

Swinging with Kimmie, obviously forgiven

After class, they went back out to the playground for awhile. He was himself… not the kid they usually see. It was nice to be able to talk to all his teachers in a more relaxed setting. They all seem to be quite entertained by Noah. And exhausted by him. I got the usual “How do you do this all day?!!”.

It’s too bad the world isn’t one big playground


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