My sister has inspired me to start a blog. She started hers as a kind of virtual baby book for her girls. It’s a great idea. So I stole it.

I’m not sure when I’ll make my little piece of the blog world known to my family & friends. I’ll have to see how my writing skills develop. As it is now, I have an hour to myself at night. A very shouldbesleepingwhyaminotsleeping hour. Not the kind of time that allows for creative writing. So we’ll see.

Audrey had her last soccer game of the season. Thank Gawd! Not her best season. Horrible team, annoying coach (“Sandwiches!”), zero wins. No fun.

Caden is sick. Unexplained high fever. I hate that. I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is he going to fight it off or get sicker? Do I call the doctor or not? Do I drug him or not? Is that a rash I see?

Tomorrow is Brandi’s baby shower. At Buca Di Beppo.



One thought on “First

  1. Does this mean that I just found a secret blog? You signed up to follow mine, and I just found the link…I won’t tell anyone about it, unless you want me to. And since I pretty much bled (or hurled) all over my blog, you can’t scare me with secret thoughts :)Love,Mel

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